Food Servery Counters

Bespoke counters for any environment

No matter how efficient a kitchen operates; in a public restaurant of any size, it is the efficiency of service and the appetizing display of the food in the servery which counts.

A well designed servery both from an operational and aesthetic point of view with good lighting and temperature control attracts customers and entices customers to try your food. A poorly designed servery counter can make or break a business as it is vital the food is displayed to look appetizing but the flow needs to work to ensure guests travel through the servery in the most relaxed way possible. If a guest finds that their meals are cold by the time they have waited to pay for their meals they will not be returning.

We have designed many servery counters over the years for all types of service including self-service, assisted service. Also ensuring aspects such as the method of table clearance are fully taken into account and allowed for in the design.

We work with quality materials including stainless steel, granite, marble, stone, real woods and laminates giving our clients an almost endless choice of finish combinations to choose from.

In need of a new food servery counter?