Delivery & Install

On time and installed

Our number one objective is to make sure your kitchen is ready to use on time, to the agreed standard and within budget.

Professional project management gives you visibility of progress and ultimately peace of mind. Any risks and issues that may arise are spotted as early as possible and can be dealt with proactively to minimise the impact on your kitchen and your business.

We are one of the few catering equipment companies who directly employ our own team of experienced installation engineers managed by our project managers. Together they combine expertise, speed, and flexibility to get your new kitchen operating as quickly as possible.

We are usually able to schedule our work around busy times and have the ability to work overnight or at weekends if the demands of project are deem it necessary.

Our team of expert gas fitters, electricians and plumbers are fully trained and accredited. This includes Gas safe, First Aid, Asbestos, SSSTS, and CSS. They will ensure a safe working environment for your staff and protect your business from a legal and health & safety standpoint.

The project installation team are here for you to to ensure that your design is realised and every piece of equipment is properly installed and commissioned.

Need expert help with your catering project?