Bar Design

Why limit happy to an hour?

There is nothing worse for a busy bar than not being able to serve customers drinks in as short a time as possible. Lost sales caused by an inefficient bar system are totally avoidable and we have a design and equipment solution to ensure your customers are served quickly, stay happy, and continue to spend money in your establishment rather than in another bar.

Front an aesthetic perspective it is important that the front and back bar look good as this is often the main focal point for a bar. What the customer probably never appreciates is the thought and detail that goes into the design of the functional aspects of a bar, the bits the customer cannot see.

We manufacture our own range of heavy duty stainless steel underbar equipment which we like to call ‘Wunderbar’. It is a fully welded, heavy duty modular underbar system that when positioned in the correct place ensures a busy bar will be able to serve drinks quickly and efficiently to the customers for many years.

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