2D Planning

Great catering design starts with intelligent space planning. We produce high quality 2d plans for every job we do.

The Francis design team have many years of experience in delivering both front of house servery and kitchen plans that really work for their clients. One of the key aspects in producing environments that work from an operational perspective is space planning, positioning of the equipment and designing so the kitchen staff have to walk the least amount of distance when working in the kitchen.

Our design team begins the process by plotting the room dimensions using AutoCAD and then begins to plan the ares from a spatial aspect. In most cases this is done with simple lines and blocks, by doing this we get a feel on how much space we have to work with and begin to visualise where each section of the kitchen should ideally be positioned.

We design based on the brief we take from our client consultation meetings and once the designs have been approved we then provide full Mechanical and Electrical drawings which can be issued to subcontractors.

Clever design starts with space planning

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